Center for Effective Lawmaking

Center for Effective Lawmaking Annual Report

Center for Effective Lawmaking 2020-2021 Annual Report

Center for Effective Lawmaking 2020-2021 Annual Report

Welcome to this year’s Center for Effective Lawmaking Annual Report.

Like our past annual reports, this overview represents our means of spreading the word about the accomplishments, broad goals, and future plans for the Center.  

During a year when so many people around the world felt distant from one another, we could not be more thankful for the close community of those who continue to work with us to advance the Center’s work. 

In our newest annual report you can:

  • Read testimonials from our research assistants, post-doctoral affiliates, and interns
  • View the engagement events we’ve hosted throughout the past year – including our creative pivot to online events
  • Learn about the launch of our exciting new programs
  • Understand how our nonprofit center is funded
  • See our future goals and growth strategies, and learn how you can help

Questions about what it takes to get things done in Congress are not going away anytime soon. The Center for Effective Lawmaking is well-positioned to bring rigorous data-driven insights to those willing to wrestle with how to advance plausible solutions and institutional reforms to improve our lawmaking institutions.

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