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Workhorses, not show horses: Five ways to promote effective lawmaking in Congress, The Conversation, August 2022

Research: Congressional town halls signal and support effective lawmaking, The Hill, August 2022

Experienced staff promote effective lawmakingThe Hill, June 2021

Congress’  most effective lawmakers aren’t generally its household names, USA Today, April 2021

Committee chairs continue their lawmaking declineThe Hill, March 2021

Focus on cabinet nominees’ effectiveness and expertise, not just ideology, The Hill, December 2020

Your Health is on the Ballot: Why You Should Vote for Science in the 2020 Presidential Election. Prevention and Yahoo!, October 2020

Members of Congress are specializing less often. That makes them less effective.,, September 2020

Members of Congress are specializing less often. That makes them less effective., The Washington Post, September 2020

Coronavirus policies spread quickly across the U.S. Are cities and states learning – or just copying?, The Washington Post, April 2020

Productive Politicians Fare Better in PrimariesWVTF, March 2020

Elizabeth Warren Says She’s ‘a Capitalist to Her Bones’ and Positions Herself as FDR’s Heir, Newsweek, January 2020

Rep. Lauren Underwood defying legislative expectations for a freshman, Courier, November 2019

Memo: Staff recruitment, retention, compensation and benefits; and chair term limits,, October 2019

Congress is back in town. Here’s why lawmakers will struggle to get much done., The Washington Post, September 2019

What Ohio’s Lawmakers Have Gotten Done This YearSpectrum News 1, September 2019

Outside or Insider? How Bernie Sanders Learned to Walk the LineThe New York Times, July 2019

Rankings: Most effective members of the 115th CongressFuturity, April 2019

Highlights from the new 115th Congress legislative effectiveness scores,, March 2019

How the record number of female lawmakers will – and won’t – change Congress,  The Washington Post, January 2019

Senators used to excel at lawmaking. Now, not so much. Here’s what needs to changeThe Washington Post, July 2017

How term limits for committee chairs make Congress less effective, The Washington Post, February 2017

Does Bipartisanship even work in today’s polarized Congress? YesThe Washington Post, February 2017

Women’s Issues Won’t Pass, US News & World Report, January 2017

Women Actually Do Govern Differently, The New York Times, December 2016

Wiseman discussing the Legislative Effectiveness Project at the University of Chicago, Radio Harris, June 2015

John Sides discussing the Legislative Effectiveness Project and female legislators in Congress, The Washington Post, April 2015

Shauna Shames discussing the Legislative Effectiveness Project and female candidate recruitment, The Washington Post, March 2015

Volden and Wiseman on the 5 habits of highly effective legislatorsThe Washington Post, February 2015

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) on being the most effective legislators in the Georgia delegation, Huffington Post, November 2014

Volden discussing the Legislative Effectiveness Project and the 2014 elections, WVTF, November 2014

On the accessibility of Legislative Effectiveness Scores, Nashville Business Journal, November 2014

Female effectiveness in Congress, The Washington Times, November 2014

Brief that describes the Legislative Effectiveness Project and highlights key findings, Scholars Strategy Network, November 2014

The Legislative Effectiveness Project and understanding the determinants of gridlock, CNN, June 2014

Volden on female legislators, NPR, June 2014

Danielle Thomsen on the Legislative Effectiveness Project and gridlock, The Washington Post, January 2014

Female legislators and effectiveness, LSE, October 2013

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