Center for Effective Lawmaking

CEL Office Hours with the Professors

Are you a Congressional office? Want to know how you can move your legislation through the process and become even more effective?

By popular demand, the Center for Effective Lawmaking Co-Directors have launched a new, innovative program called “CEL Office Hours.”

Using the best practices concepts from our Habits of Highly Effective Lawmakers and our New Member Guide, Professors Volden and Wiseman provide legislative effectiveness assessments specific to a congressional office, including considerations of successes and challenges. Then, in a 60- to 90-minute confidential video conference, the Professors lead a discussion on what works, identified opportunities, and how the office could potentially achieve more positive lawmaking outcomes. This program is currently free to congressional offices.

The staff members who have participated in an Office Hours event for their Representative or Senator were engaged with the material, and they and found the tailored data to be useful. But we invite you to give it a try!

Email us at to schedule Office Hours now.

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