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Who’s using Legislative Effectiveness Scores?

Who's Using Legislative Effectiveness Scores?

The Center for Effective Lawmaking seeks to make our legislative effectiveness scores widely available to members of the academic community, voters, lawmakers, and the public at large. Since the Center launched in September 2017, the following organizations have referenced legislative effectiveness scores and the Center.  

Good Governance Groups

Leg Branch, The Lugar Center, Duke’s Polis Center and the AEI have all used legislative effectiveness scores to promote their good governance missions.

Congressional Offices  

Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressman Eliot Engel’s communication staffers sent out press releases to constituents highlighting their effectiveness following the release of legislative effectiveness scores for the 114th Congress.

Local News

At least twenty–one local news stations used legislative effectiveness scores to educate constituents on Congress and the performance of their Congressional representatives.  

Congressional Campaigns

At least five lawmakers have used legislative effectiveness scores in their campaigns. These include Senator Jon Tester,  Senator Heidi Heitkamp,  Congressman Seth Moulton, Congresswoman Martha McSally, Congresswoman Grace Ming, and Candidate Martin Del Rio

National Political News

Legislative effectiveness scores have been independently cited by at least five national news organizations including the Washington Post and The Hill to provide context to political and electoral stories. 

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