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Your Role in Building a Better Congress

Your Role in Building a Better Congress

Research commissioned by the Congressional Institute shows that less than 1 in 5 voters believes their voice is being heard. So, how can individuals citizens begin to express their views in Congress?

The best method of constituent expression stems from the power of the vote.  

Voter registration and participation in all elections is the best way to influence your representative bodies. According to a September 2017, Gallup News poll the congressional approval rating is at an abysmal 16 percent. In order to remedy this problem I recommend electing (or re-electing) effective legislators that respond to the will of their constituents.

Once lawmakers are elected you can still help them to cultivate their skills. Call, write, and schedule meetings with your representatives. Contacting your representatives is the easiest way to have your voice heard. Email addresses for all Senators and Representative can be found in this public database:

When contacting your lawmakers it is best to be well-prepared and back your opinions with appropriate facts. This will help improve the odds of your message reaching and influencing policy makers. Town halls or any community events are also excellent opportunities to meet with and ask questions of those dedicated to serving you and your community.

Now, more than ever it is important for constituents to remember that they hold the power to change American politics.

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