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CEL Statement Condemning the Capitol Hill Insurrection

CEL Statement Condemning the Capitol Hill Insurrection

The Center for Effective Lawmaking works to help build a Congress that is comprised of effective lawmakers, has strong institutional capacity, and possesses the incentive structure that is needed to address America’s greatest public policy challenges. The assault on the Capitol on January 6 and surrounding events show us how far we still have to go to achieve this vision. We strongly condemn the violence as well as the hatred and lies that led to the attack.

There can be no effective lawmaking without a safe workplace in which to conduct the people’s business. For decades, the institutional capacity of Congress has been weakened, often from within, leaving others to fill the void. And the contentious political environment, where elected officials have had incentives to advance falsehoods, has often left little room for the compromise and cooperation that is most seriously needed.

As the 117th Congress returns to work, and the Biden-Harris administration begins, we hope that all lawmakers take this opportunity to reflect on events of the past and to chart a better path forward. We stand ready to work with those of good will to build a better Congress and to help heal a divided nation.

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