Center for Effective Lawmaking

Short Course 1: Understanding Legislative Effectiveness

Module 1: About the Center for Effective Lawmaking

Start this short course on how we can assess legislative effectiveness by understanding the background and inspiration for the work.

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Module 2: Understanding the Legislative Effectiveness Scores

With this short video, learn how we determine our legislative effectiveness scores, the methodology, and how to understand the LES.

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Module 3: About Co-Sponsors and Amendments

Learn how co-sponsorship and amendments do (or do not) affect the LES in module 3.

Module 4: Other Considerations About Effective Lawmaking

In this video, Professor Craig Volden discusses other considerations in regards to legislative effectiveness that can, or can not, be captured.

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Module 5: Obstructionism and Effective Lawmaking

Here Professor Craig Volden discusses the role of effective obstructionism when it comes to measuring the LES. Prof. Volden shares memorable stories of specific obstructionist tactics.

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Module 6: Building a Better Congress

In this module, we share the three main pillars of how the LES is being used to build a better Congress. Included in this video are some of the exciting new findings and conclusions we’ve reached through our research.

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Module 7: Unique Findings about Women in Congress

In this clip, Professor Craig Volden shares some of the relevant findings made through our research regarding women in Congress, the unique role they play, and the fate of women’s issues in Congress.

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Module 8: The Future of the CEL

In our final video module, Professor Craig Volden explains how our work is positioned to make an impact.

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